Can You Lose Weight on a Gym Bicycle?

Cycling burns calories and tones your lower body.

A stationary bike can help you lose weight, and it’s a weight-loss exercise that offers advantages over jogging the weight off. The biggest advantage is that it’s a lower-impact workout that doesn’t put as much stress on your joints compared to jogging, so cycling is an ideal choice for nearly everyone. The key to losing weight is correctly balancing your caloric intake with the calories you burn each day. Consistent bicycling workouts can help you achieve just that.

A 180-pound person burns about 286 calories cycling at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. For an even greater calorie burn, increase your intensity level to a more vigorous pace – in this case the person would burn 464 calories during a 30-minute workout. Moderate intensity is when you increase your breathing rate but are still able to hold a conversation with someone as you exercise. A vigorous pace is when you can’t speak more than a sentence before gasping for breath.

Use variety in your workouts to keep things from getting boring and to keep your muscles from adapting to the same routine day after day. Some examples of workout variations include varying intensity levels, increasing duration of the workout, interval training and adjusting resistance level.

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