The Palace – AKA Bill Pec Fitness

At Bill Pec Fitness you not only get one-on-one personal training, you also get access to my exclusive workout facility.  I call my workout studio “The Palace”.  The nickname is derived from Augustus Caesar’s home in ancient Rome, which was the original palace.

When you work out with me, you are treated like royalty (queen or king) in a spotless facility.  Since I am focusing exclusively on you, there’s NO wait for exercise equipment.  I play your music and concentrate on your goals!

“The Palace” has some of my Ancient Roman era art collection on display.   Also, I enjoy movies from this period including Gladiator, 300, The Robe and Spartacus.

Bill Pec Only

Bill Pec is a personal trainer located in Portland, Oregon.  He offers one-on-one exclusive personal training out of his fully equipped studio.