Don’t Skip Leg Day!

It’s time to talk about leg day.  You’re making a huge mistake if you’re only training above the belt. Your lower body is home to some of the biggest muscles in your body. Focus on workouts that challenge your bottom half and you’ll be rewarded with strong glutes, athletic quads, healthy hamstrings and toned calves. Here are eight reasons to train your lower body:

  1. You’ll be a better athlete.
  2. You’ll reduce your risk of injury.
  3. You’ll burn more calories.
  4. You’ll improve your balance.
  5. You’ll run faster and longer.
  6. You’ll increase your metabolism.
  7. You’ll relieve lower back pain.
  8. You’ll increase your range of motion.

Tips for Leg Day:
Your workouts should be different depending on your goals. Runners should incorporate strength training on low to moderate mileage days.  For gym goers looking to change their body composition, it’s best to rotate volume (number of sets), heavy weight and speed so your body never adapts to the demands of your workouts. I advise beginners should pay special attention to squat depth, posture and knee alignment.

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day!  You can avoid the chicken-leg syndrome by applying only a minimal amount of quality work if you do it consistently.

Bill Pec Only

Bill Pec is a personal trainer located in Portland, Oregon.  He offers one-on-one exclusive personal training out of his fully equipped studio.