“Train with the best; train with Bill Pec! Come take a tour of his brand new gym. You’ll love it!”


“I worked out with Bill 12 years ago and got in the best shape of my life.  12 years later we’re still building on that work and he is still the best in town.”


“Bill Pec has been bringing effective programs to his clients for over 25 years. His positive training environment and top flight equipment are truly effective tools in bringing about personal change. ”


“There is no doubt there is no one who is better at motivating you, training you to new levels and helping with nutrition as well. Highly recommend Pec man.”


“Bill definitely knows what he is doing. Combined with a great sense of humor is a win all the way around.”


“The best personal trainer around, hands down. The new gym is amazing with the best equipment around everything is new.  This is the cleanest gym around and very comfortable to work out in. If you are looking for a very personal one on one experience without all the distractions of a regular gym this is the place to be.”


“One of the best trainers in the universe!”


“Bill Pec lives up to the name of “Trainer of The Century” Daily check- ins and motivation to ensure you reach your goals. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THAN THIS MAN! I refer him to everybody I know looking for a personalized experience and great results.”


“No one works harder at helping you meet your fitness goals! His place is spotless and fun too.”


“No ones better at one on one training than Bill Pec. I know he trains me and is relentless in his duties to get me fit and stronger.”


“The Man, the Myth, the Legend that is Bill Pec Fitness!! The new palace is looking great…….Who ya gonna call??”


“If you are going to start a workout program and are looking for a pro who is concerned about you and not just your membership fee then check out Bill Pec Fitness. He is worth every penny.”


“Bill is the Most Awesome Trainer!!!!  One on One is the BEST!”


“When you don’t want to go work out, but know you’ll get your butt kicked by Bill Pec if you don’t!”


“Five Stars!”


“Five stars for Bill Pec Fitness! Bill’s extensive knowledge of physical training with highly motivating, focused, and personally tailored routines, made a real difference.”


Before & After

“I started training with Bill in 1998 through 2001. At that time I was 36 years old, weighed 250 pounds and was in horrible physical shape.  Working with Bill taught me what to train, hot to train and most importantly WHEN to train.  His training regimen of training one body part one day a week brought success that I had never had in the past.  His attention to detail in terms of how you lift versus how much you lift has been invaluable.  His approach to cardiovascular training has also been key to my continued success in endurance and overall physical fitness.  I do cardio five to six days a week for 30 to 40 minutes AFTER my weight training.  I continue to use Bill’s training techniques to this day and when coupled with changes to my diet, have been the reason for my success.  Now at 47 years of age, I weigh 178 pounds and have 10% body fat!”


“I’m so glad to have the extra energy again and owe it all to Bill.  When you lose the one-on-one it’s over.  Bill’s clients will all tell you the he defines personal trainer.”


“I wanted to get into a smaller size for my wedding and wear a bikini and look good on our honeymoon in Mexico. Bill Pec is great, he would call me twice a day to see if I was eating well and exercising.  Now I am much more centered and know exactly what I’m doing. I knew I could do it.  Now that I’ve seen the changes I’m not going back to “before”.”